Food & Drink

A true pleasure

"The discovery of a new dish contributes more to human happiness than the discovery of a new star."

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

The difference between a B & B and our Bommels Dijkhuis really comes to the fore! After our à la carte breakfast our dedicated hospitality shows in all our food & drink.
With, as much as possible, locally and sustainably produced fresh products, we will also gladly place a Bommels packed lunches, a snack and a drink at the end of the day or a surprising meal in the evening.


Breakfast at the Bommels Dijkhuis is a real party!

Our breakfast guarantees a healthy start of the day. We use fresh organic regional products as much as possible and vary the composition of this meal every day.

We serve this delicious and varied breakfast for € 10,00 per person. We also offer surprising and warm side dishes at an additional charge.

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor between 7.00 and 10.00 am, but for the early birds or late risers, we are happy to make an exception here.

If you have diet wishes, please inform us at the time of the reservation. We will do our utmost best to comply.

Packed lunch

After breakfast, a beautiful and exciting day will undoubtedly begin. Maybe there is a walking or cycling route on the program or a challenging working day for our business guests. Being assured of a good lunch is a nice prospect. And that is possible with our Bommels Lunch package!

Our lunch package also varies daily so that you are surprised every day. But in principle it will consist of 3 luxurious sandwiches, fruit, a drink and a healthy snack between meals. The costs are € 7.50 per package.

If you indicate the day before that you want to use this, you can also specify details such as; brown / white bread, butter, etc.

Table d’Hôtes

From Mondag to Thursday you can use our Table d'Hotes. Which means that, for the guests staying at the Bommels Dijkhuis, we serve a daily special for € 20 per person.

Together traveling guests (minimum 6 people) can indicate a preference for the composition of the menu.

Dinner is served in the dining room of the guesthouse at 18.30-19.30. In good weather conditions this can also be done on the terrace or in the garden.

Here too, of course, we will try to adjust the menu for you in case of dietary requirements. Indicate this when you make your reservation!

Do-It-Yourself BBQ package

In the right weather conditions it is possible to use our DIY-BBQ arrangement from Monday until Thursday. The dinner consists of a wide and varied selection of meat from the local butcher, sauces, baguettes, 2 different salads from our own kitchen and a dessert. You prepare the meat yourself on our luxury BBQ in the garden. We take care of the rest.

The costs are € 25, = per person.

Open Bar

During our "exploratory voyages" we became acquainted with the phenomenon "Honesty bar" on the island of Madeira.

It is an self serving bar where you honestly note what you have consumed, which is later settled upon your departure.

That seemed like a good idea for the Bommels Dijkhuis! We have only the name changed to "Open Bar".

Therefore, in the breakfast / dinner room of the guest house is a spacious buffet cupboard with a fridge with various drinks. You can use this as long as you stay with us. We assume your honesty and you record your consumptions on the appropriate form. Cheers, Enjoy !

Snacks, Appetisers

Does the occasion, besides the glass of wine or beer, ask for something extra? Feel free to inquire with us what we have for you at that moment in time to complete your drink.